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JDG Media is a fluid, flexible provider of digital marketing and business services with experience of working in a number of sectors on a range of businesses.

Founded in 2010 by James Gordon, its formation can be traced back to 2004, when James started building websites for local sports teams in Warrington.

In 2008, James and a colleague won a Business Competition with a pay monthly website business called SiteHire, and this essentially laid the foundations for JDG.

JDG was created to service primarily the sport industry, but soon started to deliver results for non-Sport businesses who had been impressed with our work elsewhere.

That led to the creation of a separate brand for sport, Sportbox Media, which was eventually sold to Tecmark in 2014.

Another JDG created brand and asset, Love Rugby League, was sold to Planet Sport in 2017.

After JDG had been consolidated, it started to grow again and this time it was decided to keep the Sport work more on brand, thus JDG Sport was created to provide separation between the varying needs of our clients, while retaining the same quality of knowledge, personable service.

Since its inception, the business has been based in the heart of Warrington – first at Warrington Business Centre, then Bold Street and now Station House.

The business has evolved from simply providing a service that wasn’t there, to providing a service that cares. We love learning more about the businesses we work with and doing our best to influence their journey positively by helping them to fulfil their objectives.

We will always ask why. We will always challenge our clients. We will always be honest and transparent with our advice and services, even if it isn’t the best thing for us.