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JDG working with Positive Lifestyle Rewards

JDG are pleased to partner up with Angela Pendlebury from Positive Lifestyle Rewards.

As part of the agreement, Lucy Gordon from JDG will work closely with Angela to improve her administration and social media functions, as her business continues to grow.

Positive Lifestyle Rewards believe in the power of a healthy and active lifestyle, and are brokers for Vitality’s life and health insurance products.

Angela and Lucy have already been working closely together from JDG’s HQ at Station House in Warrington.

JDG Managing Director, James Gordon, said: “It is a significant step for the business that Lucy can now go out and offer her expertise and services, built up over her years working for JDG, to clients both on an agency and an in-house basis.

“Not only does it assist with the businesses output, it aids with her personal development and also enables Angela to grow her business knowing she has a trustworthy and cost effective solution to help her do that.”

Positive Lifestyle Rewards are JDG’s first new client win since the launch of the new website, put together to display its offering to small and medium sized business.

The sport arm of the business continues to operate under